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this hour. i will leave you with a check on those. >>> authorities in the solomon islands are sending emergency teams and relief supplies to help residents in the archipelago. a magnitude 8.0 earthquake rattled the south pacific on wednesday sending tsunami racing ashore. at least six people are confirmed dead and four others are missing. 3,000 people are believed to have been affected by the disaster. nhk world's takeo nakajima reports from the solomon islands' capital honiara. >> reporter: this is honiara, capital of solomon islands. ship is loading supplies which will be sent to the islands which was hard hit by tsunami. they are working as fast as they can, stocking the ship with food, utensils and plastic tanks full of fresh water. the crew will then travel 600 kilometers to the hardest hit of the solomon islands. nendo. the journey will take more than 30 hours. the nearly one meter high tsunami swept away house after house on nendo. members of the international aid group world vision captured photos of the destruction. the images show only foundations are left in places. some ho
the challenges china faces on "newsline." >>> authorities in the solomon islands are sending emergency teams and relief supplies to help residents in tthat have be hit by the disaster. an earthquake rattled the south pacific on wednesday sending tsunami racing ashore. six people are confirmed dead and four others missing. >> reporter: this is the capital of the solomon islands. the ship is loading supplies which will be sent to the islands which was hard hit by tsunami. they are working as fast as they can. stocking the ship with food, utensils and plastic pans full of fresh water. the crew will then travel 600 kilometers to the hardest hit of the solomon islands. the journey will take more than 30 hours. the nearly one meter high tsunami swept away house after house. members of the international aid group world vision captured photos of the destruction. the images show only foundations are left in places. some houses are full of debris. solomon islands authorities say the power and water supply has been cut off. and they say telephone communication is still difficult. along with supplies, t
been killed in the south pacific solomon islands after a powerful earthquake triggered a small tsunami. the epicenter of the magnitude 8 quake was just off the santa cruz island, 330 kilometers from the capital. it damaged dozens of homes in one town. residents of low-lying areas were urged to move away from the ocean. andrew thomas has more from sydney, australia. beckham into a acquitted pretty big. the pacific tsunami warning center issued an alert that stretched across from a big part of the pacific ocean. papua new guinea and new zealand and all the pacific islands in between were warned that a tsunami could be on its way. there was a tsunami generated. thankfully, it was much lower than it was first feared. by the time it hit santa cruz in the solomon islands, it was 1 meter in height. by the time it reached a final vanawatu, it was half that tight. the earthquake was a lot deeper than initially feared. it was thought to have been less than 6 kilometers down. in the end, 33 kilometers down. the impact was far less than it could have been. >> much more still ahead. >> [indiscernib
in the pacific this evening. a magnitude 8.0 in the solomon islands. the tsunami warning has been taken down but there was damage in the solomon islands. it was a big one. we will continue to monitor reports out of that part of the world. what a great day in baltimore. 38 degrees. chillier than normal this time of the year. nothing to complain about. just a chilly february day. the low -- 1 below zero, set in 1996. it has been 17 years. about as long as ray has been playing, we have not been below zero. record high at 73. temperatures be more like a normal the next couple of days. a break in the action and a new batch of scattered light snow showers near the pennsylvania line. temperatures in most areas are getting close to freezing. we are not anticipating a lot of precipitation overnight of moisture is around. the condensation from earlier today, melting, freezing up again. there may be some black ice in another frederick, baltimore, harford county. two or below in parts of the eastern shore as well. keep that in mind. tomorrow morning, clearing skies. anticipating a good deal of sunshine.
norman solomon and colorado lawrence wilkerson, "with liberty and justice for some: how the law is used to destroy equality and protect the powerful." 's former chief of staff. >> i have admitted to this a number of times publicly and privately, was the person who put together colin powell's presentation on february, five, 2003. probably the biggest mistake of my life. >> u.s. lawmakers are threatening to cut funding to brooklyn college, this will host a forum to mourn at about the palestinian led campaign to boycott and divest from israel. >> extreme radicals, as i said, basically what the state of israel to disappear from the face of the earth. i have a problem with that. they are sponsoring this event. they're supporting ms. event. that is the issue. that is absolutely outrageous. >> we will be joined by one of the speakers at the brooklyn college event, omar barghouti. also, glenn greenwald. another campaign, this went over climate change. students at over 200 campuses are pushing administrators to divest from fossil fuel companies, three schools have already divested. isity college
part of the solomon islands overnight. this set off a deadly to summit. mark is in the weather news room and he will have more details. >> here in the bay area we are watching the weather this morning. we will get a check of the weather in your neighborhood in just a bit. >> welcome back. new this morning. a powerful 8.0 magnitude earthquake sets off a in tsunami killing at least five people and a remote part of the solomon islands this morning. it triggered evacuations across the south pacific as island nations issued to tsunami alerts. google animation shows where the earthquake hit near the solomon islands. a tsunami warning is in affect for the solomon islands, but that one was just canceled elsewhere in the south pacific. >> fire rescue workers responded after a person was trapped in a truck that was dangling off the side of a highway overpass at ford lot of they'll, florida this morning. it happened around 2:00 this morning. police said the two people were in the truck when it crashed and ended up halfway off the ramp with its front end against a pillar. one of the people insi
story said no one is speaking for the justice department. >> four villages in the solomon islands were hit by a 5' tsunami and five people have been reported killed and 70 to 80 homes damaged. police say they expect the death toll to rise. officials say a pair of giant waves hit the western side of santa cruz island following 8.30 earthquake that struck underwater near the solomon islands. the warning was canceled for more distant coasts. >> now, the largest gathering of people in history is getting underway in india. tomorrow, a bay area man will join tens of millions of hindus for the experience of a lifetime . >> this man is a devout hindu and is flying to indian on thursday, for a religious festival that happens once every 12 years. this year, more than 100 million will descend on the area. they will take a dip in the ganges river. >> he is packing light. >> it it is worth any pain for the pilgrimage. >> it has grown dramatically since 2001, the last pilgrimage. >> 110 million to 120 million in one location, the largest gathering of humans on earth. >> this is a photo taken from sp
are headed for the solomon islands. the waves washed away dozens of homes. six people died. four are missing. the tsunami reached more than 90 centimeters. government officials in the solomons islands say three coastal villages suffered severe damage. photos taken by world vision show buildings washed away leaving only the foundations behind. spokesperson say the tsunami swept away 100 houses. one photo shows a house full of debris. aftershocks have registered more than five on the richterale. analysts have recorded more than 50 of them. >>> french president has said the fight in mali is not over. but he said some french troops may pull out of the west african country next month if all goes according to plan. islamist insurgents have taken over northern mali. they moved into the colony last month to help stop a rebel offensive. 4,000 personnel joined the mission. many filed alongside malian forces to regain control of northern cities. a government spokesperson said a withdraw would depend on traini malian troops. e frch and the alls continued to run into some insurgents outside major cities.
the solomon islands. according to the u.s. geological service the quake hit overnight about 14 miles south of the solomon islands off the coast of australia. so far no damages or injuries have been reported. the quake comes just days after the islands were shaken by an 8.0 magnitude quake. it triggered a tsunami that killed nine people and two children. >>> later today president obama will be among those honoring outgoing defense secretary leon panetta in a farewell ceremony. he will be honored for his years of public service. he looks forward to returning to private life on his family's walnut ranch. president obama nominated former nebraska senator chuck hagel to replace panetta. in his seventh state of the city address chuck reid said despite ongoing budget challenges the city is moving forward. >> we are going to restore police and fire services and reopen schools and repair our roads. >> the mayor thanked voters for supporting measure b. labor leaders say the mayor's battle with city employee unions has hurt moral. >> i think he's taken the approach with not only city workers but comm
officials in solomon islands are mounting a relief effort for survivors of this week's tsunami. waves went rushing towards shore. nine people have been confirmed dead. a rescue team has arrived on the island of nendo to help the survivors. nhk world has the latest from the capital. >> reporter: emergency crews have gathered up what they'll need for a rescue mission. they see what happened to people in coastal areas and they want to do what they can to help. a magnitude 8 earthquake struck on wednesday off the island of nendo. tsunami reached more than 90 centimeters as it barreled into the coast. the homes of 3,500 people were either destroyed or damaged. many residents fled to higher ground. local media say the survivors fear more tsunamis and are reluctant to return home. government officials dispatched a plane full of relief workers to the area affected by the disaster. the after shock magnitude 6.0 struck off nendo, so the plane turned around. and the team returned to honiara. later in the day the team of 20 relief workers from australia and other countries left for nendo. >> i think t
infection. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline". people in the solomon islands had another reminder of the dangers they face because of where they live. a major earthquake sent tsunami slamming into the chain. six people are confirmed dead and four injured. four others are missing. analysts with the u.s. geological survey said the earthquake hit at around lunch time on wednesday. the quake triggered tsunami that sparked warnings across the south pacific, observers with the pacific tsunami warning center reported a wave about 90 centimeters high reached the coast of the solomon islands. ngo workers say it washed away at least 100 houses. they add that the supply of electricity and water has been disrupted and they say some parts of the island have been flooded including the airport. >>> nhk has learned chinese navy weapons radar incident took place more than 100 kilometers away from the disputed senkaku islands in the east china sea. chinese and japanese vessels were navigate ago way from the islands at the time. analysts say both sides may have been seeking to avoid escalating tensi
. >>> the search continues for survivors after a tsunami in the solomon islands. it hit yesterday afternoon following an 8.0 earthquake in the south pacific. the tsunami triggered warnings to fiji, australia and new zealand. fiji's sirens sent hundreds of people to higher ground and away from the coast. no damage has been reported and attention has turned to helping people in the solomon islands. >> we're waiting to get information to the damage done in santa cruz. we're very eager to assist if the government of the solomons thinks australia can help. >> several low-lying villages are believed to have suffered the most damage and that's where rescue crews plan to focus their efforts. >>> this is new video we just got a few minutes ago of waves surging onto the coast of the solomon islands. after the earthquake officials urged people to seek higher ground. they say five people are dead, including a 10-year-old boy. >> wow, tori. >>> 7:12. there was an attack at a mexico resort. how close the police are to making an arrest after six women were raped and why one woman was spared. >>> more trou
the solomon islands on the kron 4 morning news continues. >> we have a chilly start to the morning we will have >> we have a chilly start to the morning we will have more ever since mom and dad have been working with viva, people have been daring them to clean up tough messes. my fans think a paper towel can't handle this. that is tough when wet. (peggy) grab viva, and break the rules on all your tough messes. >> we are backed. >> a powerful 8.0 magnitude earthquake set off a tsunami that killed at least five people in remote part of solomon islands on wednesday and triggered evacuation's across the south pacific as island nations issued sonometer alerts. >> a tsunami about 3 ft. high has been measured in the area. a tsunami warning is in effect for the solomon islands, but that morning which is cancelled elsewhere in south pacific. >> the tsunami watch remains in effect for fiji , australia, new zealand, in eastern indonesia. no threat to the hawaiian islands, alaska, or the west coast. >> it is a little chilly in some locations. erica will give us the weather. >> good morning erica.
. the tsunami has since been canceled in the coliseum month island -- in the solomon islands. >> we are very eager to assist if the governor of solomon thinks australia can help. >>> president barack obama will go to israel in the springtime and the u.s. ambassador to israel said he will be bringing an urgent peace making agenda with him. president barack obama has been criticized for not going to israel during his term but he did go there while he was running for president. >>> a court date is set for the man accused of killing sierra lemar. antolin garcia-torres is expected to enter a plea during the proceedings. his dna was found on clothing belonging to sierra lemar's clothing. and antolin garcia-torres is also accused of attempting to kidnap three other went from grocery store parking lots back in 2009. >>> the rebound in technology helps boost the increase in jobs. now there were 42,000 new jobs created in santa clara and san mateo counties as well as fremont, scott veilly and union -- scotts valley and union city. san francisco by the way created 18,000 jobs. >> sal, you are back with
a major quake hits the solomon islands. another scare for people on the island. >>> and also a large police protest. this in san francisco. we will show you the viral video that has demonstrators upset. >>> good morning. highway 4 you can see traffic here is looking good. but we've already had issues in contra costa county. we'll tell you more when we come back. [ mom ] dear chex cereal, i just had to write. you can't imagine how long i've been searching for something like this for my family. i'm amazed you make so many great flavors that are gluten free. my guys are crazy for chocolate chex and honey nut chex. for me, it's cinnamon. it means a lot to be able to give them something that's good for them, that also puts smiles on their faces. 'cause i really love those smiles. we're the harris family. and we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. >>> good morning. most of the shower activity is heading out. highs only in the low 50s. >>> welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now a
earthquake off the solomon islands prompts a tsunami warning, plus champion skier lindsey vonn has to be airlifted from the alpine ski world championships after a crush during opening day. we'll tell you how she's doing right now. also ahead tonight a new picture of king richard iii -- this is fascinating stuff -- after a skeleton found in a parking lot in england is in fact the long-lost king. richard quest has an update for us. he does a dramatic reading of shakespeare you don't want to miss. with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. whoa! you really feel all 335 foot-pounds of torque. it's chevy truck month! silv
. >> with the junior who was all conference last year, words were exchanged, richard solomon... >> reporter: mike montgomery is talking. >> i understand he said don't push me. >> it is not like you are going to take an extreme example of bobby knight throwing chairs across the floor, i don't think that is his reputation. people with come across and make mistakes and when you recognize mistakes you try and correct them and move on from there. >> he ended up overreacting. you give him like hurricanes it is like come on, what are you doing? >> now, that was it, that was coach mike montgomery during the second half of last night's game against usc. that was 16-31 left in the game and more on what fans are saying he said i let my emotions get away from me for the moment and my actions were inappropriate and i apologize for my actions. they released a statement saying it is unacceptable to act like that and i am confident something like this will never happen again. meantime, allan crab is also speaking out... >> crab? >> reporter: it is still not clear whether the coach will be placing any -- facing a
for a village in the solomon islands after they were hit by a salami. a magnitude eight earthquake struck off the coast of santa cruz island. at least five people have been reported dead. dozens of homes are damaged in the south pacific island chain. jacqui jeras, joining us on the said. boy, we are lucky because the weather is not to shower -- not too shabby. it will get a little worse later. >> today is the best of the week. the sunshine is coming. we are trying to make progress. this is a time lapse of where we started the day from the else forbelfort furniture center. it makes for some spectacular images. the skies cleared out throughout the morning. that has been the case for the southern half of our viewing area. the satellite shows you the haves and the have-nots. it is cut off to the north of d.c. it is impacting the temperatures. we are pushing 50 in spots. a couple of miles means the difference. we have 46 degrees. the windchill is that 39. the wind is at the north northwest at 18 miles per hour. it is on the brisk side. additional clearing taking place across the mid-atlantic. we a
. the magnitude 8.0 quake that hit the solomon islands on several small tsunami is which damaged buildings. people were told to go to higher ground. an american man living in the island chain described the situation. >> people are quite calm. i am surprised there was no panic. a few minutes will get most people at least 50 feet from ocean level. i think people are calmer if this were the type of violence like an atoll. >> most of the tsunami warnings were issued for hawaii or the west coast. the virginia man accused of shooting and wounding a security guard at the headquarters of a conservative christian lobby group will plead guilty. floyd corkins of herndon is scheduled to be in court for a status hearing and faces several charges including committing an act of terrorism in connection with the shooting in northwest d.c. we should learn more today about the mental condition of a man accused of killing his elderly wife. at their georgetown wife a judge in december ruled that albrecht muth is mentally competent to stand trial for the august 2011 beating death of 91- year-old viola drath. he is expe
in the solomon islands following a tsunami in the south pacific. this was triggered by a powerful earthquake. the tsunami reached a height of close to 5 feet. dozens of aftershocks ranked a magnitude higher than five. crews are working to get a better estimate on the damage. the super bowl might be over but athletes are already preparing for the next big sporting event, the 2014 winter olympics. today, a skier is recovering after suffering a serious crash and injuries. we know that she fractured a bone and tore ligaments. she will not compete again this season. her coach expect her to heal in time for the olympic games. >> i'm confident that we will see her next year. >> she is the most successful american skier in history but has been injured in every championship event since 2007. preparations for the 2014 winter games are in the home stretch. the winter games start when year from today. still to come, we are getting a look at the bunker where a boy in alabama was held for six days. how the young victim is to today and what investigators found inside the that suggests that the suspect was
the solomon islands about an hour ago our time. deciding whether or not to issue a tsunami watch or a warning in those two areas. the warning is in effect for solomon island area. >> you probably already know there is a surge in bay area gas prices. tonight you're paying from $3.85 to $3.95 on average. prices urk see here are all about 22 cents higher than a week ago. so what is behind this increase? laura? >> well this surge in california has mostly happened in the past week, 24 cents per gallon on a gallon of regular unleaded. gas prices in california about 16 cents higher than they were this time laughter. the gas stations make transition from winter to summer blend but this increase is coming especially early this year analysts say it's a combination of shut downs planned and unplanned. >> the reason for gas prices to be going up is because of the refinery issues we've seen in the last several weeks. there have been planned and unplanned shut downs. gas stations are switching over to r to summer blend which prices go up. >> anna livets do not expect relief at the pumps and say consumers c
are lortdly dead. two more missing after a powerful earthquake struck the solomon islands. the center of the 8.0 quake was located near the eastern part of the solomon islands known as the santa cruz islands in the south pacific. this still photo is one of the only aftermath of the remote region. the quake generated a tsunami danging three villages. the prime minister told the bbc that the wave went about 600 yards inland. the tsunami watch is over for new zealand, australia and indonesia. >>> money the opening salvo in talks between san jose and the city. they are talking about pay increases over 16% over the next three years. city leaders say they would support modest raises. >>> a sad night for the san mateo sheriff's department as they say goodbye to one of their own. deputy mirlts died last week on el camino real. he was off duty at the time and was headed to lunch when a car hit him. tonight hundreds of family, friends and fellow deputies paid their respects at a vigil at the catholic church in milbrae. >> it has been very, very tough. this is first offduty death we've had in a long time
and that tsunami warning has since been canceled and the focus is now in the solomon islands. >> it is inn size the cruise and they are trying to find out if the authorities can help. >> reporter: the u.s. to ambassador said when president barack obama goes in the spring, he will bring an urgent peace making agenda. president barack obama has been criticized for not visiting israel during his first term but he did visit while he was running for president in 2008. president barack obama wills pay a visit to the west bank and to jordan. >>> and they have killed and captured antolin garcia-torres. he is expected to go on trial because of the disappearance of sierra lemar. he also attempted to kidnap three went from grocery stores back in 2009. >>> time now 5:06, the rebound in technology in silicone valley, there were 42,000 new jobs created in santa clara as well as fremont and union city. san francisco created 18,000 jobs >> all right, pam, time now 5:06 this gets everybody moving. if you have to drive on the east shore, how is it looking out there? >> we are off to a good start, 80 westbound is
open the game with a huge slam by richard solomon. then justin cobbs follows up. cal now up three. cobbs again, difficult jumper. he had 18. four second left. cal up one. starks with the ball. got to make a bucket. he goes for the three. nothing but air. cal wins their fifth straight, improving to 18-9. >> stafford hosted by oregon. lloyd had 15. and nine assists. this one to emery on the alley-oop. stanford has lost three of their last four. >> st. mary's another bubble team, hosting creighton, gealz are going to miss matthew dill a and then the floater and the foul. st. mary's improves to 24-5 with the win. probably punching their big ticket to the dance. >> we'll take a time-out before we hit the diamond and talk to weeks on his last season and what he expects from himself th so if you have a flat tire, dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i ha
coming to get off the bubble for the big dance. bears open the game with a huge slam by richard solomon. then justin cobbs follows up. cal now up three. cobbs again, difficult jumper. he had 18. four second left. cal up one. starks with the ball. got to make a bucket. he goes for the three. nothing but air. cal wins their fifth straight, improving to 18-9. >> stafford hosted by oregon. lloyd had 15. and nine assists. this one to emery on the alley-oop. stanford has lost three of their last four. >> st. mary's another bubble team, hosting creighton, gealz are going to miss matthew dill a and then the floater and the foul. st. mary's improves to 24-5 with the win. probably punching their big ticket to the dance. >> we'll take a time-out before we hit the diamond and talk to weeks on his last season and what he expects from himself th >> mike: the a's second base job is up for grabs as the begin cactus league action, facing milwauke means sausage racing. braun homer in his first at-bat. the solo shot off chavez. weeks trying to recapture the spot out second. starts the double-play but the
. the magnitude 8.0 quake struck near the solomon islands, which lie near the active ring of fire. >> five villages in the tropical island chain were impacted by tsunami waves. dozens of homes in one of them were damaged. and there's reports that several people have been killed. the quake was so big, there were tsunami concerns as far away as japan. most tsunami warnings now, though, have been canceled. we'll have the latest on the quake and its aftermath in a little while on "good morning america." >>> back here at home, now. new details about the rescue of that little boy from an underground bunker in alabama. >> ethan turns 6 years old today. safe and sound at home, his mother is saying how wonderful it is to be able to hold him again. but the story couldn't have ended much differently, as investigators are finding out. tahman bradley has the latest. >> reporter: little ethan celebrates his 6th birthday in his mother's arms, rescued from an underground bunker where he was held hostage for nearly a week. this morning, the fbi and other agencies will be back at the property, searching for
in the solomon islands. the government told people to go to higher ground. officials say that it's on at least two salamis. it damaged dozens of buildings on the remote islands. looking at the day ahead, we expect a big announcement coming from the boy scouts of america. >> we will learn of the organization will lift its ban on gay members. brianne carter is in a satellite center with what should be a dramatic day. >> the current policy came under fire last year after of an ohio den leader was dismissed because she was a lesbian. now the national executive board will meet behind closed doors today and could decide to make a change. as early as today the boy scouts of america could vote to lift its longstanding policy banning gays from organization. this person says it's time they allow gay members. >> a lot of teenagers are going through the process of figuring out what their sexual orientation is. so exand on the pressure of barring them from social programs is damaging. president obama also feels it's time for change. >> days and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way every
in a remote part of the solomon islands this morning. >> it triggered evacuation as island nations issued tsunami alerts. google animation showing where the earthquake hit near the solomon islands. it a tsunami about 5 ft. high have been measured in the area. a tsunami warning is in effect for the solomon islands, but that warning was just can't go elsewhere in south pacific. no threat to the hawaiian islands, alaska or the west coast. >> in florida this morning, one person was killed after a bakery truck was left dangling off the side of highway overpass. >> this happened about 2 this morning in fort lauderdale. the crash said the truck careening into a concrete wall. >> it is stuck there. the firefighters went and got one person out of the truck. another person in the truck was killed. there was another car involved in the crash. it took crews about 90 minutes to make sure the truck would be secure and drag it back onto the road. you can see the heavy equipment they used. there was someone pin inside so it took a while to make one rescue and another person died. >> following the latest
the west side of the solomon islands overnight, following an 8.0 magnitude earthquake. we'll have the latest in a report straight ahead. >>> closer to home, are we back to the brink in washington? are those dramatic spending cuts that both sides say they fear closer to going into effect? we'll have the latest. >>> a frightening scene the a school in modesto, california, it was all a mock drill. but was it just a little too realistic? we'll be talking about that as well. >> if you couldn't tell from the music at the top, a lot of attention on so muchchisochi, rs morning. the winter olympic games kick off in a mere 365 days. >> to mark the occasion here at home we built a ski slope on the plaza, mt. rockefeller, we like to call it. and we've got a big morning planned outside. >> a lot of people are wondering if lindsey vonn will be ready for sochi. on tuesday she had a very bad crash at the world ski championships. she may need surgery to repair torn ligaments in her right knee. what she is saying this morning about her chances for a full recovery by the time the games begin. >> app
pacific. the 8.0 magnitude quake struck off the solomon islands. the tsunami measuring 5 feet high swapped several villages. up to -- swatched several villages. up to 80 homes were damaged. the solomon islands are in an active earthquake zone, the ring of fire. >> that's a big earthquake. >>> let's check with lawrence and get your thoughts on this. >> you know, i was watching that last night and the first thing i worried about was a tsunami in the bay area. we were fortunate it didn't generate one here. that's a huge one. you haven't even experienced a small earthquake. >> yet. i have been here almost a year. >> hopefully just a small one. around the bay area, we have mostly clear skies toward the coastline. a couple of patches of clouds as you head inland. out over the bay not too bad at this hour. the temperatures colder outside. just because we don't have cloud cover to hold up those temperatures, 34 degrees right now in santa rosa. 38 in san jose. and 38 degrees in concord. high pressure sneaking in here for one last day but you can alrea
that killed at least five people in the south pacific. the 8.0 quake struck off the solomon islands. the tsunami measuring five feet high swamped several villages up to 80 homes damaged. the solomon islands sit on the so-called ring of fire which is an active earthquake zone. >>> get ready for some big changes in your mail service. cbs news has learned the post office will announce later today its intention to halt saturday delivery of first class mail by the summertime. the postmaster general will make the announcement in a couple of hours from now. the post office lost $16 billion last year alone. just how much the move will save the postal service coming up on "cbs this morning" at 7:00. >> it's been in the works for a couple of years. >> everyone is doing it online now so they are losing big bucks. >>> 5:03 right now. let's check the weather. hi. >> smiling. >> good to see you guys today. >> what are you laughing about? >> i'm just so glad to be with you. glad you're back in here today. >> i think you're happy, run the? >> i sure am. >>>
.0 and was center in the pacific ocean about 50 miles west of the solomon islands. the earthquake triggered tsunami warnings for fiji. there are no reports of any damage or injuries. >>> legal troubles are mounting for standard and poors. today state attorney general harris filed a suit on the heels of a federal lawsuit. she said california's public pension funds invested heavily in mortgage backed securities based on s & & p's good ratings. >> there's no question it was outrageous. and there's no question that s & p held itself out to be an independent vester when in fact, they were a very invested. >>> the maker of farmville and other social media said it lost $48.6 million in the quarter. that's a big improvement from a year ago when zynga lost $35 million. zyga shares rose more than 7% in after hours trading. >>> in sa -- sacramento a new strategy has followed a hit-and- run debt. katherine was leaving flowers for a man killed by a suspected drunk driver when she herself was struck and killed. the accident happened last night near the scene of the first fatal crash on el camino avenue. >> she
in the south pacific. the usgs says registered 8.0. it was centered about 50 miles west of the solomon islands. the warnings have been issued parts of australia are also under a cinema and watched their are no reports of damage or injuries. the price of gas across the country has been taking a major job. it will only get higher. this is what we can expect it to peak in the bay area. >> it might just be easier to stare at the nozzle and peak at the numbers going up. >> with regular gas in the bay area stations a penny shy of $4 b. spec it seems like they are pretty high. why do they keep going up and down. there's no easy answer. >> every part of the country is seeing them go up. not too many of them has seen them as aggressively as in california. it tracks gas prices station by station across the country. and they are turning up. the current average for a gallon of radio or san francisco is $3.93 according to a gas it was $3.631 month ago a jump of $0.27. in san jose regular is 386 a gallon compared to 358 a month ago. refiners are trying to reduce art inventory as they shift to a
.including conspiracy and possession of stolen property. an eight-point-zero magnitude quake off the solomon islands. generated a tsunami of nearly five feet. authorities believe several people are presumed dead. the tsunami damaged dozens of homes in the south pacific island chain. right now -- there is a sigh of relief as officials say tsunami warnings have been cancelled in the south pacific. >> jacqueline: it was cooler tonight. and for the inland valleys it was 55 degrees in livermore. in the north bay, 60s. 61 in napa. temperatures were on the cooler side. for the overnight cooler and chilly away from the coast. some areas of cool conditions but not like last night kamal that had wide spread a cloud coverage. however, we do have big changes for your forecast on thursday with much-needed rainfall. we will tell you all about it and time it out on futurecast. >> pam: take a look at this. tonight -- a crash in oakland.killed a woman who was driving a stolen s-u-v. it was all caught on camera! >> also, the hostage alabama situation. >> gary: coming up later we will hear from harbaugh, kaepernick an
the cia. >>> a powerful earthquake that hit the south pacific. it struck near the solomon islands and generated a tsunami wave over three feet high and reports are saying that at least five people were killed. people were evacuated in fiji. warnings that have been issued have been canceled. some homes were seriously damaged by the waves there. >>> as a young victim of the alabama standoff celebrates his 6th birthday today. this as investigators continue to comb the underground fortress and property of his captor. >> reporter: the fbi released these photos of the suspect's property, along with more detailed information about the rescue of 5-year-old ethan. nbc news has learned as a result of ongoing negotiations, the kidnapper, jimmy lee dykes. was expecting a delivery of additional comfort items. four members of the hostage team approached the bunker and opened the hatch dropping in a flash bang device to distract dykes. he was disoriented but managed to fire one shot. the hostage team shot and killed dykes and then rescued ethan. they found explosive devices, one inside the bunke
to find time. nhk world, tokyo. >>> people in the solomon islands have had another reminder of the dangers they face because of where they live. a major earthquake sent a tsunami slamming into the island chain. six people confirmed dead and four injured. four others are missing. analysts with the u.s. geological survey say the magnitude 8.0 earthquake hit around lunchtime on wednesday. the quake sparked warnings across the south pacific. observers from the pacific island center reported a wave about 90 centimeters high reached the coast of nando island. ngo workers on nando say it washed away at least 100 houses. they add the supply of electricity and water has been disrupted and some parts of the island have been flooded, including the airport. >>> two major japanese automakers have revised upward their profit estimates for the fiscal year through march. the decline is a prime factor for improving their earnings outlook. mazda motors says it expects to post $480 million in operating profit. that's up 80% in yen terms from its previous estimates. the weaker yen improved export margins. maz
to make their way to villages following yesterday's deadly earthquake in the solomon islands. we have photos here that we received from world vision. the photos showed the distruction in several villages where over 100 homes have been lost. the organization say their crews have confirmed eight people dead, one of those was carried out to sea. >>> the postal service announced a new ground round of bulk pricing that will cut saturday delivery. our editor explains what will and won't be delivered. >> reporter: the post office drowning has to stop the bleeding. the choices change some of the service will raise the price. he says that will save $2 billion a year. that is critical since they have lost so much money. post offices will be open on saturdays and if you add have a p.o. box you will be able to catch her mail on saturday. >> not to get letters on saturday would be an inch of the unions. i am used to all these years getting my mail on saturday. >> reporter: packages will come to do your home on saturdays as well prescriptions. some patrons said. >> it is hard to make changes. but
are preparing to be moved down from one town. aftershocks continue to rattle the solomon islands after a powerful earthquake and tsunami struck on wednesday. the associated press news agency says that nine people have died after a highway president to -- after a one-meter high wave crashed onto the land. the death toll is expected to rise. south korea is warning nuclear weapons developed by north korea could be several times more powerful than the bomb dropped on hiroshima during the second world war. the north is expected to conduct a nuclear test for the fourth time in the near future. south korea says the north has the potential to carry out tests using a method that would make a nuclear weapon extremely effective. >> in the past, the nuclear bombs dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki were made of plutonium. weighed 13 tons and it resulted in a huge number of casualties. we believe the advanced weapons from the north might have several times more impact and could almost destroy an entire city. >> a new report by doctors without borders says half of the 220,000 syrian deputies in lebano
quake has hit the solomon islands. the the 7.1 quake struck 15 miles off the coast of australia. no damage or injuries have been reported. it comes two days after an 8.0 earthquake struck the same region, triggering a tsunami that killed 5. this latest quake is hampering relief efforts. >> cool dry weather is filling into the bay area for your weekend. outside our doors partly cloudy skies. a live look there over the bay. you can see blue sky. a few puffy clouds there. the clouds continuing to shift to the south. san jose still mostly cloudy. we saw some snow fall in areas like skyline boulevard along the ridge of the santa cruz mountains. national weather service reporting that. so low evaluation snow in some cases but this system now again on its way out. san francisco picking up 35/100s, 2/10s oakland but most saw a few 100s out of it. here it is moving south. we have partly to mostly clear skies over the north bay. in the south bay continuing to see this. this will continue to shift as well. for the south bay your afternoon will be partly cloudy as this system here you can s
it in for the playup. >>> cal hosting ucla. first half action. tyrone wallace misses the runner. but richard solomon is there to clean it up. putback jam put cal up by seven. later in the half, cal up 19. allen crabe. mike montgomery and the bears roll. >>> and one more college hoops score to pass your way. stanford calls to usc by one point. 65-64. i'm dave feldman. the news continues after this. >>> let the feathers fly. the great san francisco pillow fight marked the valentine's day annual event. but the cleanup, that lasts a long time. crews will be workingover night sweeping up the mess. why didn't we do that here tonight? >> man. tough love. look at those swings. >> i notice the women are getting more of a kick out of it than the guys. >> it's real vengeance for the women here. >> i didn't want that. >> thanks for watching. i hope you had a great valentine's day. >> bye-bye. good night. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen,
early in the second half. a shove to the chest and richard solomon is creating some space. interesting to see the fallout. crab gets right back in the game and four and a half to play. crab catches one. down to the 15. cobb with the go ahead 3. here again, crab unstoppable after the altercation with monte. finished with 23 points. 78-76 great win for cal. >> lady gales are playing and she send f weekend6. 72-64, cal has won 11 street straight. >> and going to work on the bruins down low. look at those post moves. and she finished with 26. high low action with stanford add a winner. their 15th straight win over the bruins. daytona, danica patrick is the first woman for a sprint cup race. she won it just under great american race happens next sunday. >> the a's with their first full squad workout as they look to defend their crown and josh reddick he is busy defending his facial hair. >> my facial hair, but i'm going to try to hold on to it as long as i can. >> you don't have to worry about grooming or anything. >> that is one thing, the affordable hair. i don't see it getting too out of
-year-old solomon espinoza took off when they spotted him this afternoon. they caught him after he clipped two cars and then crashed of the he was wanted for ditching police during a traffic stop in san leandro last week. he ran off in handcuffs after trying to grab the officer's gun. >>> a ruptured gas line cleared out a city block in san francisco's mission district. pg&e says a contractor working on the sewer accidentally dropped a rock on the 2-inch pipe. it cracked at the t-junction. >>> a petaluma high school student hospitalized with a highly contagious blood infection is in the hospital tonight. people who recently had close contact with the teenager are on antibiotics as a precaution. >>> a message for everyone crossing the golden gate tonight: keep moving! the bridge district will start its conversion to all-electric tolls beginning next month. that means no more stopping to pay. there won't be anybody there. of the 20000000 people who drive across -- 20 million people who already drive cross, 70% already use fast track. >> it's i great choice if they want to save money o
for a big dance invite. bears open with a huge slam by richard solomon. cobbs with the winning bucket on thursday. the 3 in the second half. cal up three. cobbs again, the difficult jumper. he's good. four seconds left. cal up by one. starks with the 3 for the win. call that an air ball. cal wins, 60-59. >>> let's tee it up at the world golf challenge, match play outside of tucson. the tournament was delayed on tuesday due to snow. still snow on the mountain tops. picture perfect day on the court. ian poulter facing steve stricker third hole. check out this putt, just pours it in. poulter wins the match 3 and 2, faces hunter mahan on sunday. matt kuchar, won 3 and 2. thanks to putts like that he will face jason day, who beat graeme mcdowell, semis and finals on sunday. >> the harbaugh brothers are finally speaking to each other. watching the nfl combine in indy. top performer in weight lifting with 24 reps, and third in the 40-yard dash with a 4.7 six. i think he is faster should be at least a second round pick in this year's nfl draft. >>> daytona 500 set for sunday. today the nation
for being here. >> good afternoon, supervisor. it's been a while. my name is mark solomon and i was co-chair of the transportation on the task force from 2005 to 2008 and i want to thank jim niko for the hard work and thank paul lord from the planning department and charles from the sfmta for essentially giving me a bachelor's degree in transportation planning and land use planning. what paul gave me was a detector to figure out when planning is coming at me and when they are lieing? when i think we have done is pushed the boundaries, where we have done the best deal that the planning would introduce to the commission of the plan had conditions. they wouldn't let it be a completely citizen-driven process. supervisor wiener talking about funding for various impact fees we tried to push the limits by create a new way to get more benefits from the developers, and then having developers complete with extra benefits to ensure that the community get more, leveraging scarcity for benefit. when planning and the mayor pull all the politic strings and the task force has burned-out, it's not ko
-48. here we go. just over 3:00 to go, nick j johnson to solomon hill. wild cats up, 50-48. hill. a four jumper. wildcats up three. last chance for the huskies. gatty tries the alley-oop. arizona wins it, 57-53. sean miller's first win at washington. that's your "sportscenter" update. i'm hakem dermish, have a great day. >>> the next step in david beckham's career has taken him to paris. >> he'll play for the team known as psg for the next five months. he's donating his undisclosed salary to a children's charity in paris. last time we saw him he was winning the mls title with the l.a. glablgs si. children's charity. wonderful. >> classy move. classy move, sir. >>> coming up next, "the pulse." a national controversy finally put to rest with an explanation from beyonce herself. >>> and our friend and sports fan, robin roberts, lands in familiar territory. that would be new orleans. resources they need. bright students are getting lost in the shuffle. and administration's work gets more complex every year. when you look at these issues, do you see problems or opportunities? with an advanced
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